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Project Description
Shopping List app with multi-device sync through SkyDrive and shopping paths
If you are a developer, you can see how I use the SkyDrive API in my Windows Phone App, and how I take advantage of the Microsoft SkyDrive Desktop App in my Desktop companion.

If you are an user of ONE SHOPPING LIST for Windows Phone, you can download here the windows desktop companion. The desktop companion provides you with the essential functionality to edit your shopping list, but does not (yet) enable you to manage your shopping paths (this functionality is only available in the Windows Phone app).

You can install ONE SHOPPING LIST for Windows Phone directly from the Windows Phone Store:
After you have set up synchronization on your windows phone app, it stores your data on your SkyDrive and you will be able to access and edit it with this Desktop companion.
One shopping list homepage:

In order to use this Windows Desktop Client, you must install SkyDrive on your computer
Important: you must use the same Microsoft account on both sites (SkyDrive Desktop App and ONE SHOPPING LIST for Windows Phone) in order to synchronize your shopping list.

The status is Alpha, so please install it only if you would like to test it.
If you do so, I will be happy to receive your feedback, especially the negative one (errors, major features which you are missing).

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